Day 5 at the Recurse Center

- 2 mins

Today I am moving back to some web stuff after adventures in making a debugger in Go. My goal is to use Ruby to be able to connect to a simple Postgres database and feed whatever data I have in there back out to my baby HTTP webserver and give that back to the client. I think this is pretty doable for today, but its not something I’ve done without a framework and its going to pretty important to figure out how to do that for my eventual framework! I used to have to do similar things when I worked at AT&T, since we didn’t use a framework, but that was years ago and in Perl, so we’ll see how it goes!

EOD Update: It went really well!

My goal for the day was just to take my existing small http server and be able to connect to a postgres database and show all the users in a user table and hopefully add new users through a simple web form. I got all of that done without too much of an issue. It’s pretty dirty looking code and really reminds me of some nasty PHP I had to deal with a few times at AT&T, but it works!

Now, I haven’t really written a ‘framework’ yet, I mostly just wanted to feel out how to do the kind of request parsing and database connection that I knew was going to be necessary.

Now that I’ve had a chance to feel out how some of these look sans framework, here are some of my goals for the next week. I’m not sure if I can knock out all of them, but I think at least the first 4 are very doable.

1) fnz new project_name will create a new project and initialize a Postgres database. 2) fnz g migration migration_name will generate an empty timestamped SQL file with the users migration_name that they can then fill with SQL. 3) fnz apply migrations will run all migrations that are pending. 4) Users can submit raw SQL to fnz to update their database. 5) Users can serve HTML files! 6) Routing????

I still have a lot of thinking to do about how all of this will look, but I’m really happy with today’s progress.

Andrew Pierce

Andrew Pierce

Software Engineer based in Durham, NC

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