Day 6 at the Recurse Center

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Day 6! Today my goal is to continue on my web framework. On day 5 I mostly played around with database connections and serving up simple html with Ruby. Today I’d like to start making more of an actual framework.

Today I was super tired. There’s no real reason for it, I just woke up after a normal amount of sleep being way tired. I got a little bit of work done on my framework, but it was a tough slog if I’m being honest. After struggling a bit with this I started thinking about the other things I want to accomplish while I’m at RC and one of them was to improve my workflow and efficiency. I spent probably two or three hours a few days ago getting a decent vimrc set up again, and it was really valuable. I’ve used Vim in the past and had pretty good success, but never stuck to it long enough to really reap the benefits. I’ve been using Vim every day and I’m definitely feeling my familiarity with it coming back.

Then I was thinking about how part of my problem is that I’m not actually that great of a typist. I’m okay, especially with just letters and vanilla punctuation, but once you add in numbers and the exotic stuff found in typical software, like square and curly brackets, semicolons, quotations, etc, I start to fall off pretty quick.

I did some googling and saw some suggestions for Typing Club and They both have free plans and my brain was moving way too slowly to do anything else, so I took their placement test. Trying very hard to touch type only, I scored at 35 wpm. That’s not abysmal or anything, but I don’t think its that great either.

I played with that some today and then went home a little earlier than normal to rest up for tomorrow.

Andrew Pierce

Andrew Pierce

Software Engineer based in Durham, NC

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