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This past Friday my cohort wrapped up our Iron Yard experience with Demo Day. My project, Ziptrip, went first and we had a pretty good presentation and got a lot of positive feedback from the employers there. It was great validation to see such positive reactions to a project I’ve worked so hard on the past three weeks.

The way our demo day was set up, we had all eleven groups present their 5 minute demos, then afterwards, the employers who were attending were able to walk around and talk to the students about their projects. Every group had their own table, so it was easy to find us.

Demo Day really shines in that companies that I had previously never heard of and probably would never have discovered myself come out to introduce themselves. They were able to talk to me about their company, what they did, and then ask me about my project and my experience. I was able to make a few contacts at companies that sound pretty cool! I’ll be following up this weekend to hopefully set up next steps at a few places and see what happens.

There are several companies that I’m still interested in that weren’t at Demo Day but have openings on their site, so I’ll be looking into those as well.

Andrew Pierce

Andrew Pierce

Software Engineer based in Durham, NC

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