Four Weeks at The Iron Yard

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Wow! Today I realized that as of tomorrow, I’ll be halfway done with the lecture component of The Iron Yard. After that comes a three week sprint for before Demo Day and then some kind of super awesome Python/Data/Bio job. So what have I learned?

The first two weeks were the fundamentals of programming and I’d imagine, pretty similar in all languages. We learned about different types of data structures, loops, testing, and got a taste of object oriented programming.

The next week we got into a bit more Python centric material and started playing with data! It was exactly what I signed up for. We started working with matplotlib and doing a ton of Monte Carlo simulations and starting looking at NumPy on this past Friday. That was a really fun week. I enjoyed creating data from simulations. We did a basic coin flip simulation and then a variety of charts in order to fully display that data. We charted the ratio of heads to tails over millions of flips, charted the difference, just generally flipped a lot of coins.

Then I became a really great Pig player. We made another simulation to find the best strategy for Pig solitaire, a dice game that I’d never heard of before this assignment. Basically, I learned that you need to go hard when you play Pig.

Finally we get to this week. Yesterday we breezed over pandas, an incredibly useful data analysis library in Python. We barely scratched the surface of it, but the amount of data crunching I could do in just a line or two of code was unbelievable!

I’m looking forward to doing an update on what I’ve learned about regular expressions today!

Andrew Pierce

Andrew Pierce

Software Engineer based in Durham, NC

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