Machine Learning WrapUp

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Feelings: Sad, but also excited!

The Iron Yard’s Python track (at least at the Durham campus) is set up as a strongly data science oriented program. It makes sense, people who are more interested in web development would typically opt for the Rails course and people who want to work in Front End engineering, take, obviously, the front end course. As my background and interests strongly lean towards the natural sciences, clearly I took the python course with the goal of getting into data science afterwards.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not at all ready to say that I definitively want a Python job that is 100% oriented around data science, considering how massive the field is, it seems incredibly short sighted to think that I know the exact kind of job that would maximize my happiness.

That being said, I’ve loved (even more than I guessed I might) working with data and numbers and making visualizations and playing with huge amounts of data. We’ve worked with baseball statistics, census data, movie reviews, and all kinds of stuff. I like finding correlations and I love how easy Python makes that. I’d love to get more into the seaborne library when I have time, but I also really enjoyed playing with matplotlib to display some cool charts and whatnot.

On that note, Machine Learning has been the coolest topic by far that we’ve covered. Just WOW! Obviously in a week on the topic we’ve barely scratched the surface, but predictive modeling and the implications of all the things we can do is amazing! I find myself thinking of cool ideas for programs I want to write when I finally have some free time in my life.

We’ve worked quite a bit with Bayesian statistics, decision trees, and linear regressions. There’s so much more to the topic, and I’m glad that my first language is one that is so well suited towards exploring the topic and great libraries like SciPy and sklearn exist.

Next week we start getting into the Django framework and will cover a tiny amount of HTML and CSS. I get the impression its just enough to recognize them, understand the basic structure, and just know enough to be able to work effectively with front end engineers. I’m nervous, as the few times I’ve played with HTML and CSS it’s been a much more different kind of skillset than the other material we’ve been learning.

I remember doing some very minor changes to this blog’s layout and design and it was very time consuming and certainly an exercise in patience. All I did was add a contact and about me link and change some colors!

That being said, I’m excited! Looking forward to week six!

Andrew Pierce

Andrew Pierce

Software Engineer based in Durham, NC

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