Rails Day 4

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Another day of Rails! I was able to finish up Chapter 2 yesterday and get a good start on Chapter 3. Today I don’t have nearly as much scheduled, so I should be able to get some really solid work in!

What I learned yesterday: Yesterday I continued to be amazed by scaffolding in Rails! I finished up the toy app and used an incredibly small amount of code. Overall, I’m very glad I have a background with Django and understand the general MVC framework. It’s made learning Rails pretty manageable thus far.

What I’m going to do today: I got a solid start on Ch. 3 yesterday, building static pages, and today I hope to get through Ch. 4. I have a lot less on my plate that the past few days, so it finally seems like I’ll be able to hit my learning goals. I’ve been really focused on digesting the material, so I’ve not been too hung up on getting through X chapters a day, it’s really just for me to eyeball what I’d like to get done.

What I expect to learn: I expect to learn about building static pages in Rails and incorporating some Rails flavored Ruby!

Andrew Pierce

Andrew Pierce

Software Engineer based in Durham, NC

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