What I want to work on at the Recurse Center

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In a little over a week I’ll be beginning a batch at the Recurse Center in NYC. The Recurse Center is a 3 month long educational retreat for developers that I’ve been hearing really good things about for years now.

Some things I’m really excited about/plans for my time there:

1) Deep diving into more of the things that web frameworks give us:

There are lots of things that most of the web developers I talk to have a cursory understanding of, but don’t REALLy understand what’s happening. I’m talking about things like routing, database connections, even serving up your front end to the browser. How does all that really work? On a day to day basis its not critical to know, since the frameworks we use hide those pretty nicely.

2) Learning more about performance from a web dev perspective

At my most previous job at a Rails consultancy I began to start learning about things that impact performance and had quite a few tickets to improve page load times. I’d like to really deepen my understanding here and add some more depth to this skillset.

3) Improve my workflow

I’ve played with different ways to improve my workflow before by using different text editors and plugins and have had some success, but I’ve never really fully committed and have gone back to my old ways. While effective, I definitely think there are ways to optimize the way I do work. I’d like to really nail down a setup that works well for me. The ~coolest~ thing to do would be a vim/tmux combo, but I’m open to just nailing down some Sublime/Atom/VS Code shortcuts.

4) Unknown unknowns!

In many ways this is what I’m most excited for and one of my primary reasons for deciding to do a batch at RC. I recognize there are lots of things out in the world of software development and tech that I’ve both never heard of and know nothing about. I’d like to meet enough people with varied interests to and do enough pairing to turn at least a few things into known knowns.

My current plan to is work through these topics for the first ~8 weeks or so, then try to cement everything by building my own web framework for practice in the last month or so. I think that given my goals for the batch, this is hopefully a solid way to put everything I’ve learned to good use!

Andrew Pierce

Andrew Pierce

Software Engineer based in Durham, NC

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