Why am I going to the Recurse Center?

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In February of 2019 I’ll be attending the Recurse Center in NYC. The Recurse Center is a 3 month long educational retreat for developers that I’ve been hearing really good things about for years now. We’re moving to NYC permanently, and don’t have any plans to return to Durham after my batch ends.

What is RC? The Recurse Center is an educational retreat for developers. People range in experience from juniors to people with 20+ years of industry experience. It is not intentioned for people who are just learning to code, and is targeted at people who at least know the basics and on up. The Recurse Center is very self directed and people work on whatever they want, as long as it’s related to software/programming. Some people have big projects they work on for the whole three months and other people do lots of little things. Some people spend a lot of time writing C and kernel modules, and other people spend a lot of time doing front end work. The variety is pretty intense, to be honest.

Why am I going? I’ve been a professional developer for about 3 years now. I’ve been able to figure out pretty much whatever has been thrown at me and I do a pretty good job. That being said, the field of software development is absolutely massive and no one person is especially good at everything. The whole point of RC is to become a radically better developer, and I think everyone could use that!

What am I going to work on? At my last job I really enjoyed looking at Ops type problems that sprang up. I found that while I learned a lot on the job as I was fixing stuff, I would really appreciate the opportunity to really do a deep dive into Unix systems and learning more about Operations and Security. On the other hand, I would like at least part of the time to just “be in it” and work with other people on whatever they’re interested in and seeing what happens. I feel like we all have lots of “unknown unknowns” and I’d like to be open to exploring some of those. Finally, I want to have a kind of capstone project for myself and my resume, but I’m still working on what that is going to look like exactly.

Why Now? I first read Julia Evans blog series about going to RC several years ago when I was first getting started in my career and I’ve been really interested in RC ever since. That was about three years ago. When my wife and I decided to move to NYC, I knew there would never be a better time to go! I was leaving my job in Durham either way and it’s all lined up very well.

Thats it! I left SciMed Solutions around Thanksgiving and my wife and I are on a huge road trip around the country until Christmas. Then we’ll move to NYC and I’ll have a month or so to figure out everything until RC starts.

Andrew Pierce

Andrew Pierce

Software Engineer based in Durham, NC

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