I'm Going to Abstractions

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I’m going to my first full technical conference this August. I’ll be at Abstractions in Pittsburgh, PA from August 18-20th and I’m so incredibly excited. I had the opportunity last fall to attend one day of All Things Open a local conference centered around open source software. All Things Open was awesome and I learned so much, but I was only able to attend part of one day. Abstractions will be my first real deal holyfield conference.

At least in the Twitterverse, Abstractions has been getting a fair amount of buzz with quite a few well known speakers giving talks during the conference. I know Larry Wall, José Valim, Aaron Patterson, Laurie Voss, Richard Stallman, and Sandi Metz will all be speaking, in addition to all the awesome talks from people who I haven’t heard from yet.

I’ve had the immense pleasure of hearing Sandi Metz give a talk before at a local Ruby meetup, as she’s a Durham local, and I left it feeling incredibly empowered. I’m stoked especially to hear her give another talk at Abstractions.

Possibly even more so than the actual talks, I’m incredibly stoked for the networking. I love to meet likeminded people, and this seems like an awesome place to do it.

The conference is definitely something I will recap on after returning in a few months, but I just wanted to share how excited I am for it to start in the meantime.

Andrew Pierce

Andrew Pierce

Software Engineer based in Durham, NC

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