Week 4 Recap and Week 5 plans

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I missed a few days again. Today is the start of week 5 at RC! I think I’m going to switch to a weekly format now. Week 4 was my least productive week so far in some ways, I didn’t really work on my framework. I did a lot of interview prep, which was great, and I skimmed a textbook on Operating Systems and took a lot of notes. In a few days I certainly didn’t learn ALL the concepts in Operating Systems Concepts, but I learned what mutexes and semaphores are and some basics about memory management and other stuff. It was pretty cool and I think a pretty good use of my time to do a fast and furious overview. I’ve also been using InterviewCake to prep myself and working through one of Stephen Grider’s courses on Udemy to work on some interview prep.

For Week 5 my goal is to buckle down and finish my framework enough that I can feel good being ‘done’ with it. I have the basics of routing and some basic database connection stuff done, and I think its feasible to get it to an okay state in the next week.

I also intend on doing more interview prep stuff this week, as I think it will be really valuable going into the second half of RC when I’ll be really focusing more on interviewing and what I want to be doing post RC.

Andrew Pierce

Andrew Pierce

Software Engineer based in Durham, NC

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